Why did he cry? (A True Story)

A true story that happened in China


A bus full of passengers was travelling on hilly road.


Midway through the journey, 3 armed thugs was eyeing the pretty woman bus driver.


They forced the bus to stop and wanted to have fun with the driver!


The woman driver naturally shouted for help,but all the rest of the passengers just kept quiet.


Then a weakly looking middle-aged man came forth to ask the 3 men to stop; but he was instead beaten up.


The man was very angry and appealed loudly to the other passengers to stop this uncivilised act but nobody responded. And the driver was dragged by the 3 men to the bushes nearby.


An hour later, the 3 thugs and the ruffled driver came back to the bus and the driver is ready to drive off again….


“Hey you, get down the bus!” the woman driver shouted to the man who tried to assist her earlier on.


The man was bewildered and said: “What’s wrong with you? I was trying to save you just now and was I wrong in doing so?”


“You save me? What have you done to save me?”


The driver retorted, and a few of the passengers were quietly laughing away.


The man was really angry. Even though he did not have the ability to save her, he should not be given this treatment at all. He refused to get down the bus and said; “I paid for the trip and I have the right to remain.”


The driver put on a grim face and said: “If you don’t get down, the bus will not move on.”


What was unexpected was that the passengers, who were oblivious to the barbaric act of the thugs just now, suddenly woke up and in a concerted effort asked the man to get down the bus saying:


“You might as well get off the bus, we have things to attend to and cannot afford anymore delays!”


A few stronger passenger were indeed trying to drag the man down the bus


The 3 thugs were smiling knowingly at each other and commented: “We must have done a great job to the lady!”


After much ado, the man’s luggage was thrown out the bus window and he was ousted out of the bus.


The bus started on its journey again. The driver straightened up her hair and turned the radio to full volume.


The bus was reaching the hill top and will go downhill after a turn. The right side of the bus was facing an unfathomable cliff.


The speed of the bus increased gradually. The driver’s face was very calm with both hands on the steering wheel. Tears started to swell in her eyes.


One of the thug realised something amiss and said to the driver: “Drive slowly, what are you trying to do?”


The driver said nothing, but the bus travelled faster and faster.


The thug tried to grap hold of the steering wheel, but the bus shoot towards the cliff like an arrow leaving the bow.


The next day, the local paper reported a tragic accident at the ‘Tiger Taming Hill’ region. A medium sized bus fell through the cliff and the driver and the 13 passengers were all killed.


The man who was chased down the bus saw the paper and cried. Nobody knew what was he crying about and why he cried!


You know why he cried?


If you were in the bus, would you stand up like the man did?


We need people like him to create and sustain a normal society!


When we treat others with our hearts; we will receive warmth and love from people!