Nothing to says….

Today go to my X-company to collect my cheque from my X-bosses, only one work maybe no word can express my feel… see only a BLACk FACE in front of me with a Letter for me to sign… haha…. I really can’t believe I can work with this people and this company for 7 years… TRUST?WHERE IS THE “TRUST”? I really feel like “哭笑不的”。。。

Show My Loyalty to the company?

All Bosses are asking me to show my royalty to company this year. Haiiiii!!! How to show my royalty to company? If I work for the company for the rest of my life.. is that meant I will own the company? Company Grow, but my life still maintences the same level of living standard. But all bosses are having better life compare to me. What about me? Life still the same. Working in the same company for 7 years. is my records.


But never mind.. Year 2007 is my year… I will be success in this year…. Wish me luck ……


Welcome to Year 2007

2006 is ended. Another Year call 2007 is coming and the world will be change, life will be change and I hope everything will be getting better starting from this coming New 2007… May my dream come true as I wish…..


Happy 2007 to all of my friend and my family… who ever i know and wishing you all have a better tomorrow!