(Grandpa’s Seeds): A film about seeds


This is a film by students of Geshe Michael in Mexico about seeds and how they work.


It is not simple to be happy at all time. Everything you do, everything you say and think, it’s like a seed you plant inside your heart and with time it grows. You can become whatever you want to be. Life is like a garden, you’re free to plant whatever you want, but only you can decide what come out of it. Magic will happen when you first share with other other people the things that we desire most. So, it is in the heart of other people that we plan our seeds. That’s the most fertile soil. If you water them with love, the seed will grow into a strong and beautiful tree, but if they’re no love, the tree will never grow so pretty. It all depends on how you care for your garden, because even you don’t see anything now, everything come from your little seed.


So, everything start from yourself, how your life will be, depend on how you care about your life.