Saving More Can Make a Big Difference.



Why Save More?

You’ll probably need to make your savings last 20 to 25 years in retirement. To save enough for retirement, experts recommend putting away 15% to 20% of your pay each year over a 40-year working career.


But now you only need to SAVE your 20% – 30% of your pay for 10 years… you will enjoy the INCOME for the rest of your life*.


Everyone wants a golden retirement…


It is never too early to start planning for your retirement. Understanding the types of benefits you are eligible for, and how they all fit together, can be a challenge. From figuring out how much money you will need, to understanding how much to start saving now, there will have a way to get you started in planning for your retirement.


Today, we have a myriad of options to help each of us prepare. Yet, without a plan of action, many find themselves falling short when it’s time to retire.


Everyone wants a golden retirement… But saving for retirement is no easy task.


Home Business Trends



Most of us have been conditioned to believe that if we go to school, get a good education and a job with a big company, we will be set for life. Although that worked during the “Industrial Age”, our economy has changed dramatically.


We now are in what is referred to as the “Information Age”. The same beliefs that worked well during the Industrial Age no longer hold true. We now have an economy that is driven by information, technology and service.


In the last ten years the western world has seen a tremendous surge in the number of people either working from home or starting home based businesses. Many large corporations are even encouraging employees to do this … it’s a convenience that is fueled both by technology and changing social trends … and because of technology, small home-based businesses have the same reach and capabilities as their larger competitors.


Studies now show that literally millions of people worldwide have successful and stable home-based businesses and that number grows each year. Amazingly, people who already have jobs or other careers start many of these home-based businesses.


For the average person, a home based business is the “bridge” between the hectic big cities and the slow paced, sometimes remote, family-oriented small towns. During the Industrial Age people believed that it was necessary to live in metropolitan areas next to big corporate employers. This is no longer true, thanks to personal computers, the Internet, increasing phone systems, fax machines, and satellite systems.


Important to have friends…

Once in a lifetime
you find a FRIEND
who touches not only you HEART
but also your SOUL

Once in a lifetime
you DISCOVER someone
who stands BESIDE you
not over you.

Once in a lifetime

if you are LUCKY
you find someone
as I have find you.

very special people
we can be OURSELVES with,
TALK with, LAUGH with,
HOPE with and BELEAVE with…



This is my favourite TV series wheen I am still a kids….hahha… I really crazy about this TV series last time… I am really excited when i heard the theme start playing…..

Nice Tropical Fruit

Miri, my home town… now is one of the City in Malaysia…the fruit below can only find in my home town (if i am not wrong :P)

This fruit’s name we called it “da-lap”, I am not sure what it’s called in english. Look delicious right? Yummy!!!!

Nothing to says….

Today go to my X-company to collect my cheque from my X-bosses, only one work maybe no word can express my feel… see only a BLACk FACE in front of me with a Letter for me to sign… haha…. I really can’t believe I can work with this people and this company for 7 years… TRUST?WHERE IS THE “TRUST”? I really feel like “哭笑不的”。。。