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How do I blog?

You DO! And take ACTION!  You Login to your Blog, and create your contents.

What do I blog about?

You can blog about anything.  ANYTHING!! But you need to blog something you PASSION about it! Write something from your HEART! Something you LOVE.  Let’s people know about you you.

Blog can make money! Is it sound great?

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Traffic Strategies Online Webinar 2013

Traffic Generating is simple, it is about making an offer that you want to sell to people, and finding an audience that you want to sell the offer to, is call market match. I can’t sell a vocumm cleaner to a person who doesn’t have carpet. We have an business opportunity that we want to sell to someone looking for opportunity. If I have a personal development product like Inner Circle, I want to look for someone that interested in Personal Development.

If you are ready…

To begin on an amazing journey with us…

And you would like to work with us so that we can coach you to YOUR success…

… And teach you everything that we know about how to go from wherever you are right now…

To where you WANT to be…



MyFitBody Lifestyle – FitClub Malaysia


A group of  good friends and I had organized this special FitClub/FitCamp in Malaysia, started from Bandar Kinrara, Puchong. Our mission is bring the concept of  ACTIVE LIFESTYLE and Healthy diets to the community.

If you feel lonely when exercise alone, if you feel demotivated when you don’t have your results, if you feel exhausted easily.

Do  you know the proper way of doing the right exercise? We will lets you know the proper way of exercise.


  • If you want to be HEALTHY!
  • If you want to have FUN!
  • If You want to be FIT!

Lets GET MOVING! Feel GOOD! Lets us have FUN together!!

As a same time, we’re also offering an opportunity as a Personal Wellness Coach, training is provided.

I present the opportunity everyday! Everyone are welcome, whether you understand it or not ! You want to be healthy right ? Look good right ? Financial freedom right ? Meaning Have the funds, and freedom to Pursue your passions right ? Exactly…like I said There is a place for every one. I was motivating people daily anyway. Helping change lives even before I received this gift/blessing. I found a way to wake up with my same passion daily, but only now I am building my Dreams in the same process.

Join us now!!! Join us and do exercise together! Or join us as a Personal wellness Coach. All are welcome!!! SEE YOU THERE!!!!

Facebook | YouTube |  Email | Tel: +60123885395

Herbalife CEO Talks Earnings

Michael Johnson, Herbalife’s CEO, provides quarter and what’s ahead for the company, with Mad Money host Jim Cramer.

Cramer: I think there’s no question Herbalife (HLF) is The real deal After it released earning after 5th of May, 2011. HLF sells its products through a network of about 2.1m independent distributors. To comply with Laws in China, JLF sels its products through retail stors & sales represntatives. HLF sales volumes increased by 154% in India during 1Q ’11.

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Beauty & Wellness Coaches Needs

As wellness industry continues to grow in Malaysia, we are looking to train and work with new wellness coaches around the country. Thousands of consumers are learning that “Breakfast” is the way to better health and better nutrition. If you are interested in working with us, please complete this form so we can contact you and discuss the needs in your local area. Remember, we provide free training and support to help add you to our team. The financial rewards are very generous as you grow and work with us.

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